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building secure foundations for solid solutions.

What does it mean to "mediate"? It means, with the help of a mutual third party (someone who is impartial), to "explore [potential] solutions to promote a mutually acceptable settlement." MCL 205.703(c) (emphasis added).

I'm not a fan of the word "settlement." It implies both parties are giving up something or accomplishing less than they had hoped for. Rather, let's try to access solutions that are mutually acceptable to both parties, a win-win.

West Michigan's Mediator
Holland - Christina will host the mediation at her office.
Traveling Mediation - Christina will travel to your attorney's office or host the mediation at a mutually agreeable location.

Benefits of a quality mediation:

  • lays a foundation for respectful communication (if parties will be working together in the future - usually in custody cases).
  • coaches clients to successfully listen to one-another
  • accomplishes resolutions to disputes
  • client-driven - puts the clients behind the wheel and allows them to create solutions that they can live with

When to mediate?

  • Before lawsuit has been filed - if you and your partner are hoping to keep litigation costs low, you can mediate a resolution and request the court to adopt your Stipulated Judgement.
  • After lawsuit has been filed, any time before Trial.
  • No lawsuit - you just need some guidance resolving tough disputes.