Family Law


J.D., cum laude, Michigan State University College of Law, East Lansing, Michigan, 2011

B.S., with honors, Michigan State University, James Madison College, East Lansing, Michigan, 2008

State Bar Licenses
Michigan, 2015
Texas, 2011

Michigan State Bar
Ottawa County Bar Association
Grand Rapids Bar Association
West Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce


Christina L. Mayfield is a family law lawyer on a mission — to help her clients gain control and navigate an unfamiliar legal process.

Christina represents clients with various matrimonial issues, including asset tracing; spousal torts; same-sex dissolutions; division and dissolution of closely-held or family-owned business organizations and corporate entities; parental alienation; and family psychological issues related to divorce and child custody, including interactions with experts.

As a family law attorney, she recognizes that her clients are going through difficult, uncomfortable, and sometimes humiliating situations, whether they are facing a divorce, a legal separation, a child custody battle, a visitation matter, a child support issue, a geographical restrictions issue, a modification of an existing judgment, or the need to split the family business. Often family law clients experience stages of grief and loneliness while trying create a secure and stable foundation for their newly structured families. Adjustment takes time. Due to her compassion and perseverance, her genuine interest in resolving the issues in her client's best interest, Christina is a natural family law lawyer.

As a former insurance litigation defense attorney, Christina is equally comfortable in the courtroom as she is counseling her clients one-on-one or advocating on their behalf in mediation. She is motivated to obtain the best results even where the ultimate goal is for the judge to award her client primary physical and legal custody.

Christina is genuine and extremely passionate about protecting her clients from abusive adversaries. She refuses to tolerate the abuse. Christina places herself in her client's shoes and wades through whatever muddy waters the legal calamities may present.